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Mail Forwarding

The State of Nevada requires all corporations, LLC's, and Limited Partnerships to have a Registered Agent with a physical Nevada address. Using a virtual mailbox has the added benefit of documenting all your mail automatically. We'll send your mail the next business day by the most economical method, email you the tracking number if there is one, and deduct the cost from your postage deposit account. You can click on next shipment when you are getting ready to request a bulk mail shipment to your address. No paperwork is necessary to change your forwarding address or have your mail held.

We receive your postal mail, send you a notification, and you then choose what action you want to take. When you sign up with our mail forwarding service, we'll establish a postage account for you as quickly as possible. Other reasons to use our forwarding service rather than the Post Office are things such as scanning mail, email forwarding and accepting incoming courier deliveries. We receive and hold your mail, packages, certified, and registered mail for you. We work with many mass mailers, spammers, and internet sales companies that receive orders or return to sender letters.