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Forwarding Service

Mail forwarding is for businesses or individuals who reside or travel outside Nevada but who need a physical Nevada address. Choose from various carriers, prices and transit times and track every item to your door. Leaving your mail unattended in your mailbox or your packages out in the open can lead to theft, so let us help resolve this issue by becoming one of our clients. If you're making a permanent move, use this service to update your address. You may prefer to have your mail digitally scanned and emailed to you, or you may prefer to have your mail rerouted to an alternate address. Another nice feature of our service is you can add money to your account online or pay the rental with your credit card online.

Beyond the convenience, ability to set the term, and ease of changing your address to forward your mail, there is also a prestigious business address that you get. We receive and hold your mail, packages, certified, and registered mail for you. We forward only the types of mail that you specify, but you can also request special sorting. You can filter your mail according to your preferences and even choose to open and scan mail items, forward important mail or securely shred and recycle unwanted mail.