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Forward Postal Mail

You can filter your mail according to your preferences and even choose to open and scan mail items, forward important mail or securely shred and recycle unwanted mail. The list of past shipments shows you the date the shipment was sent, as well as details about each item in the shipment. You can ship mail and packages anywhere that USPS and FedEx will deliver, domestic or international. Every day we sort through your mail, record details about each piece of mail into our database and email notifications of new mail in your box. Unlike a tradition post office box, we give you access to your mail anytime, anywhere. There is no long term commitment, you can cancel your mail forwarding service at any time.

When you purchase our mail forwarding service, you'll get personalized information about your new neighborhood as well as valuable coupons and offers. With our service, it's almost like being at home and opening your envelope and reading the mail immediately. As a small business, you don't have to worry about your mail or packages, you can simply focus on building your business.

Another nice feature of our service is you can add money to your account online or pay the rental with your credit card online.